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Click the image for Bruce's portfolio

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While navigating the energetic landscape of the urban environment, shape, form and color dominate the lasting impressions held within my memory. As I travel throughout the busy streets and about the landmarks, my experience is effected by the surrounding objects, shapes and colors abstracting and simplifying into flat and expressive moments. Detail becomes lost and the possibility of the unknown dominates the scene. Information is filtered into only that which jumps out and grabs a hold of my senses, while the rest fades into obscurity or remains undefined. These works are created through quick sketch, expressive gesture, and through abstracting and morphing the scene into lasting impressions - similar to the effects of focus and memory of the scene as the moment disappears and only remnants of the experience hold within my memory.

Bruce received his MFA from Pratt Institute in 2010 and currently serves as the President of the Rowayton Arts Center, Norwalk, CT.


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