Sherry Becker

Click the image for Sherry's portfolio

Click the image for Sherry's portfolio

Sherry Becker was born in Brooklyn, NY, attended Pratt Institute and graduated from Cooper Union, where she majored in painting.  Sherry earned an MSW from Southern CT State University and has a psychotherapy practice in Norwalk, CT.  She often utilizes her art background in encouraging creativity with her clients.

She was influenced in her early years by the abstract expressionist movement and has developed her own style of self expression utilizing color, form and gesture.   Sherry often uses symbolic images to convey her homage to and love of nature and spirit.  She has exhibited her workin NYC, CA  and CT and continues to evolve and discover new forms of self-expression.  

Sherry  is a member of St. Phillip's Art Guild where she maintains her studio.      

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